Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I'm thinking of ending this blog.
I mean I don't have a certain topic of my blog, and sometimes I write
Maybe I'll start a new blog when I'm better at blogging, html code, and
when I have a certain topic I want to write and share on my blog.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


There's a nice software called ClearLogs.
Nice, at least for hackers.
What does it do?
Well, as implied by the name, it clears logs in the computer.
I guess I don't have to say anymore; you know how you could use it if you need it.
Happy hacking!

Word Lists

Everybody beware!
There are sites that give free or cheap word lists(password lists) to anybody. One of them is Oxford University.
Hackers are very happy about that. Well, just be sure you change your password occasionally!
Links: Crackers DPL
Happy Hacking!

Monday, May 08, 2006

NY Times Reported About Keyloggers

Cyberthieves Silently Copy Your Passwords as You Type
-By TOM ZELLER Jr. Published: February 27, 2006
Wow, I didn't know that keyloggers are used so much. I mean I know about them, but I didn't know it's so popular.
I guess everyone has to buy a Anti-Spyware program, such as Spyware Doctor or Spy Sweeper; if you don't want to purchase, try AD-Aware or Spybot-S&D.
Anyway, I guess keyloggers are good tools for hackers to use.

The Art of Deception

This is a nice book.
It was designed to help enterprises stop social engineering hackers from taking secret information from your employees.
But I think it really helped hackers. The book talked a lot about how attackers attack, how to get tools, and other things. If you want to know more about hackers, read this book.
You can check it out here, or you may find it in libraries.

Recommended P2P Software

Do you know what P2P software does?
You can download music, games, software, and other files using P2P software.
Here are some good and popular P2P software.
Winmx - The most popular P2P software. Billions of files shared! Not very fast, though.
Links: OpenNapServers.wsx Newswire Comment Slyck's Guide To Winmx
Limewire - A very fast P2P software.
Links: Slyck's Forum About Limewire Newswire Comment
Morpheus - A popular fast P2P software. Download Morpheus Turbo Booster also.
Emule - A popular P2P software. See Newswire Interview.
AresP2P - I didn't try it, but it's popular. See Newswire Story.
Happy sharing and downloading!


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